Picture Book about Depression

Written by a research psychologist, Charlie and The Dog That Came To Stay helps children to understand and deal with their symptoms of depression. It’s a sensitive story written with warmth, describing the symptoms of childhood depression and some techniques that can help with getting better.

The story is great for starting discussions about depression and includes some activities to try. This makes it the ideal book for anyone supporting a child who has, or is affected by, depression — including psychologists, school staff, parents and carers.

“This gentle and reassuring story should chime with any young child who is living with depression, whether it is themselves or someone else who has been affected by it. A useful tool to help children to understand depression and how it can change people’s feelings and behaviour, containing practical non-preachy guidance and coping strategies”


“It empowers young people and their parents… This book is an effective way of increasing awareness and understanding of mental health”


“I knew this book was going to offer something incredibly special to readers. I was right. Simply written and beautifully illustrated”

The Breadcrumb Forest

A timely read and a book that would be useful when dealing specifically with children who are struggling with mental health concerns


“This book is great at explaining difficult emotions and concepts in a child-friendly way. It also goes beyond helping the child understand their feeling of depression, and has several practical suggestions and ideas for parents and therapists”

Nat, Amazon Review

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