I is for… Illness

Oh no, have you got a very mild cough? Well I guess that’s me going to be sick as a dog next week. Kids only get ill for long enough to make sure they infect everyone they live with and it’s always way worse for the adults. Or maybe my immune system just isnt’ up to scratch.

H is for… Hide and Seek

Ok, it can’t just be me and my other half who use hide & seek as an excuse to let the kids sit in a cupboard for half an hour while you randomly shout “ooh, where could that kid be?”. If no one else has thought of this then I thoroughly recommend it – they’re having fun and you’re, well you’re doing whatever it is you want to be doing. Just remember to move about a bit occasionally.

F is for… Five Second Rule

This is definitely one that we have in our house, especially when it’s something that you’ve spent ages making and one of the kids drops it on the floor within half a second of getting near it. I’m amazed at how often whole plates of food accidentally get knocked off tables.

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