Month of mothers

It’s mother’s day this month, you’d think that would be something to capitalise on but that would be crass and undercut the sanctity of motherhood… Or I just haven’t had time to come up with any decent ideas.

I have come up with a few mediocre ones though.

I did come up with one idea I like but it does mean people like me have to stop harping on about mothers day.

All here if you want to send (late or otherwise) the mother figure in your life a card.

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New year, new you! Or same old you but with the resolve to definitely buy and send more cards. Or just buy more cards. Or even just unquestioningly do what you read online – which is to buy more cards. From me though, this doesn’t really work if you buy them from someone else. These ones are on redbubble.

Halloween baby!

Babies, as we all know are wonderful, amazing little miracles. They also suck all the sleep from your life and use your tired husk of a body to fuel their night cries. Ok, that’s maybe a little harsh but they do hate to see a parent enjoy a good nights sleep.

I’ve designed a card celebrating the sleep siphoning tendencies of babies, a little twist on the more regular ‘sleep thief’ idea. Plus, with Halloween coming up I can claim it was designed with the season in mind rather than out of hard earned bitterness.

Sleep vampire card

Check it out plus all the other cards here:

Monkey Business

I have made a sale! I didn’t actually expect to, genuinely. I put some stuff up on a redbubble, things that had been rejected from a card design – I thought they were the sort of thing somebody somewhere would like – then forgot all about it. These online marketplaces are so huge that I really don’t know how anyone ever finds your stuff, let alone buys it. Anyway, someone bought something with one of my designs on it:

I am beyond amazed. It’s very strange to think there’s now going to be somebody out there in the world wearing something I’ve drawn. A baby somewhere wearing clothing with my picture, smearing pasta on it, having photos taken in it… Now of course, I’m obsessed with trying to add more stuff to my redbubble store, even though it’s gone back to nobody looking and nothing happening.

P is for… Playdates

Haven’t done one of these in a while, I’ve not been able to get time to draw anything. Anyway, P is for playdates, doesn’t the stress just melt away as you all tacitly agree to ignore your kids and just let them get on with it so you can finally have a conversation with someone who also hates the Paw Patrol and Blippi.

Struggling with a pig

First off, not only am I struggling with a pig, I am stuggling with a post. This thing keeps deleting my post every time I publish it or save it or anything. Maybe this is the curse of the pig.

I have a pig card. I think it’s a good idea – the card people (and apparently wordpress too) don’t. I blame the pig, especially now that the pig is refusing to let me talk about it online… I am persevering though because it seems like the sort of thing you’d see on a card, it’s got ‘essence of card’ – from my whole month long experience I can tell these things now.

So the pig used to look like this:

Pig 1 – original (and best)

Nice, huh? Cute, no? Well, if you said yes to that, you’re on your own. I mean, I agree with you but the people in charge don’t. At least I think they don’t, I don’t get any feedback when an idea is rejected. See why the pig might be trying to get revenge? This could all be very unjust. Anyway, after various iterations (the latest rejection from the main catalogue can be seen here) the pig now looks like this:

Pig 2 – second in all ways

I don’t think it has as much personality… (sorry pig 2). Anyway, I have uploaded it and will see what they think. Although maybe the problem is what’s written on the card. Maybe it’s not card-like at all – what do you think?

Fake fur

I recently discovered “fur” brushes, they are so realistic and very fun to use. I have spent the last little while busily painting fur on stuff – i love the effect although i’m still working out how to do it justice. The 2 year old asked me to draw a monster chasing after (and eating) villagers, now I can make furry monsters – given enough time.

Double digits

I’ve been trying to design some cards, not knowing anything about how to do it means it has been reasonably challenging. Fun though. After a month of trying I have finally hit double figures in terms of cards that have been accepted in to the Thortful catalogue. Yay! At the moment I have a limit of 20 so that’s what I’m aiming for – only 9 more to go. Check out my profile here and you can play a fun guessing game trying to figure out which cards they’ve relegated to ‘profile only’ and which they think actually have potential…

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