Struggling with a pig

First off, not only am I struggling with a pig, I am stuggling with a post. This thing keeps deleting my post every time I publish it or save it or anything. Maybe this is the curse of the pig.

I have a pig card. I think it’s a good idea – the card people (and apparently wordpress too) don’t. I blame the pig, especially now that the pig is refusing to let me talk about it online… I am persevering though because it seems like the sort of thing you’d see on a card, it’s got ‘essence of card’ – from my whole month long experience I can tell these things now.

So the pig used to look like this:

Pig 1 – original (and best)

Nice, huh? Cute, no? Well, if you said yes to that, you’re on your own. I mean, I agree with you but the people in charge don’t. At least I think they don’t, I don’t get any feedback when an idea is rejected. See why the pig might be trying to get revenge? This could all be very unjust. Anyway, after various iterations (the latest rejection from the main catalogue can be seen here) the pig now looks like this:

Pig 2 – second in all ways

I don’t think it has as much personality… (sorry pig 2). Anyway, I have uploaded it and will see what they think. Although maybe the problem is what’s written on the card. Maybe it’s not card-like at all – what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Struggling with a pig

  1. I can’t see the problem. Pig 1’s eyes are saucier, which is probably what you want, and the line is a little less assured than 2, which again may be what you want. Ditto, the Pig may represent the recipient or the sender. Do both carry the motto? It may be too saucy for the demographics of the website. You could go for broke by having Pig 1 wallowing in the mire and winking at the love object Pig who is considering the invitation


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I like that you think pig 1 has saucy eyes. I’ve heard with cartoon pigs it’s all about whoever is viewing it, a bit like Mona Lisa’s smile…


  2. You’re right: I see sauce everywhere. (Apple, in this case?) Perhaps ‘knowing’ would be a better word.
    In Pig 1 the eye dots are low and off-centre to our right. This suggests the Pig is seeing or thinking something and not telling us exactly what. But the subsequent message reinforces the idea of something saucy.
    Pig 2’s eyes are also low, but more centrally placed suggesting wonder, bliss, or plain absent mindedness. It also looks like it’s standing in a puddle of its own making. Which may be a little too strong?


      1. You’re right. Eyes are crucial. Mouths too. Very slight changes can make a big difference. Tho’ I was tempted to make my latest characters wear shades. All of them. Even the snake. Especially the snake. No, there is no snake


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