Take action today! Or at least think about it.

I spoke with a friend today about how we lack the motivation to speak to our friends. Ok, fine. We didn’t speak we texted. I’ve not been very good at doing that recently either though – I want to, I just can’t be bothered. I think the pandemic with it’s lack of doing anything hasContinue reading “Take action today! Or at least think about it.”

Is it going to be lonely this Christmas?

I heard on the radio this morning that people who are reporting feelings of loneliness has continued to rise. It’s now at its highest level since the pandemic began and is especially affecting young people. People are feeling isolated, they’re not leaving home and they’re missing that face to face contact. This won’t be madeContinue reading “Is it going to be lonely this Christmas?”

Why we should embrace rather than avoid anxiety as parents

I’ve just finished reading an article in The Atlantic by Kate Julian about anxious parenting and how it affects our kids. It was really interesting and thought-provoking, it starts by highlighting how rates of mental illness are increasing among young people and starting in younger and younger kids. Most worryingly suicides and suicidal ideation inContinue reading “Why we should embrace rather than avoid anxiety as parents”

The Power of Routine

Clinical psychologist Dr Sonya Tsancheva writes about the importance of routine for children. Children thrive on playing games, exploring their environment and sharing their world with their peers. Alas, not so during the pandemic. More worryingly, the message “stay apart to keep safe” is too quickly becoming the norm. This can have devastating effects onContinue reading “The Power of Routine”